Packaging & Environment Policy

Since the recent change in ownership at Mr Lapel, we have committed to phasing out all leather products, and are currently in the process of reducing our use of plastic packaging, too.

Unlike other brands, who virtue-signal on recycling and plastic waste, we try our hardest to reduce, re-use and recycle.

For instance, we asked our suppliers to stop wrapping individual items in plastic  - and they now wrap delicate items in  tissue paper before shipping them to us.

Likewise, if we receive any packages containing bubble wrap or other protective packaging, we don't bin it, we save it - and re-use it when we post out your order.

What packaging we do buy is not plastic, but card and tissue paper; it's not only more luxurious, it's also not going to choke a turtle if it does ever end up in the ocean.

Meanwhile, we try to post all our items in paper envelopes where possible, and only send larger orders - and orders outside Europe - in plastic envelopes.

We did try to switch to non-plastic alternatives, but fell foul of green spin, and ended up buying 'biodegradable' plastic envelopes by mistake; we thought "biodegradable" meant they were made from plant fibres rather than plastic that breaks down more easily.

Needless to say, we will try to buy non-plastic alternatives, once we come to restock again!

We'll continue to work with our suppliers to try to phase out as much single-use plastic the items come in as we replace our old stock for new.

So do please excuse any plastic for the time being - and do please help us feel slightly less guilty by reusing any plastic we do send yourselves.