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Get fit for summer: the best online personal trainers

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Get fit for summer: the best online personal trainers

Need help squeezing back in to your suit? These personal trainers reckon they can make you king of the gymers. 


Ross Dickerson


If Whole Foods did personal trainers, they’d probably be something like this amateur bodybuilder.

Brought up in Texas, organic-loving Ross doesn’t hold truck with rigid calorie counting or obsessing over macros (the percentage of fat, carb and protein in each meal).

Instead, he encourages a more old-fashioned approach of avoiding processed foods, eating “clean” and encouraging clients to “know what their bodies need” by weighing everything they eat.

On the training side of things, Ross’s approach is less ‘new age’, and more old-school weightlifting (you don’t look like that without lifting hard).

Despite having 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Ross only takes on around 10 clients a time.

However, if you can’t get on his £99, 10-week Custom Training Plan, you can always download one of his ready-made off-the-shelf programmes, instead – there’s everything from a £5 abs workout to a £30 “bulking” plan.

Just don't blame us if you're so hench afterwards that your shirts are bursting at the (bicep) seams.

Personal best: Ross has created videos of himself doing every single exercise he recommends – no matter how simple – which he then hyperlinks in your personalised plan so you can easily check your form as you’re working through your programme.

There are also videos of him cooking the meals he recommends, too.

Just think of him as Arnie and Mary Berry combined.

Check him out:


David Kingsbury


This celebrity trainer has put everyone from Michael Fassbender to Ryan Reynolds through their paces since opening a gym at Pinewood Film Studios just under a decade ago.

Famous for helping create Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine’ body, David produces each client’s diet and fitness programme himself (although he has a nutritionist who helps with the meal side of things).

In terms of practicality, all stages of the £125-a-month programme are accessed via a simple members’ portal, through which you upload your monthly progress reports and pictures, and download your workout plan and recipe cards.

Personal best: You shouldn’t get bored by repetitive meals on David’s plan: each of the seven low-carb breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes (and each of the seven high-carb alternatives) have the exact same macro breakdowns and number of calories, meaning you have 42 different meal options to choose from for any given meal.

You'll be ripping off your shirt (superhero-style) in no time.

Check him out:


Alex Beattie 


Want the Love Island look?

Who better to ask than a (six-pack wielding) star of the show.

PT and fitness model Alex Beattie, who was in the third series of the ITV2 reality series, has launched his own online training courses, which, at £29.99 for a six-week plan or £14.99 a month for on-going personalised support, are a snip compared to other plans out there.

No fan of faddy diets and get-ripped-quick schemes, Alex, who communicates with members via a private Facebook group, will teach you how to bulk up or shred down correctly, sharing videos of him doing each exercise in your plan, as well as tips on micro calories and how to eat well without giving up the food you love.

Best of all, there’s also an option for a home-based training plan, so you can do your sit-ups while catching up on the latest shenanigans in the villa.

Personal best: Alex's workout videos are ingeniously simple to follow.  

Check him out:


Joe Wicks


Catapulted to fame by his cookbook Lean in 15, the London-based celebrity trainer and TV star, known as ‘The Body Coach’, is very much of the ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ school of thought.

It goes without saying Joe isn’t going to be tailor making your personal plan – the company has tens of thousands of clients and Joe is very much just the face of (and brains behind) what is, in reality, an army of online trainers, nutritionists and admin staff.

As part of the 90-day plan, you’ll receive 99 different meal plan ideas, including healthy burger and curry recipes – as well as 15 videos of the poodle-haired trainer performing the exercises from your programme.

Personal best: You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get rock hard abs on this £97 programme; Joe’s fitness plans are heavily skewed towards short, fat-burning HIIT workouts.

Call the tailor, you're going to need your suit taking in around the waist!

Check him out:


John Romaniello 


This US-based fitness coach, and New York Times best-selling author, only takes on around 10 new clients at a time – and vets those he does with a series of commitment-gauging questionnaires before admitting them to the programme.

If you can do commitment, then a short stint with John and his team (they only accept clients for between four to eight months max) might be the way forward, as he’s going to want those results as fast as you do.

If you want to be spoon-fed, on the other hand, John’s approach probably isn’t for you – he prefers to teach clients about calories and macro breakdowns so they have the skills to eat healthily for life, rather than relying on meal cards, like other trainers.

Personal best: Never sure if you’re doing a new exercise correctly? John gets you to send him a video of you performing each new move to make sure you’re not doing it wrong. 

Check him out:

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