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The best men's fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

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The best men's fashion accounts to follow on Instagram

Whether you're looking for tailored suits, the latest accessories or the hottest designer streetwear brands, these men's fashion bloggers have you covered.  


The Artworth Brothers


Thought social media stars were all six packs and selfies?

Not these three brothers from Switzerland.

Unusually for influencers, the Artworth Brothers never show their faces (or abs) in any of their pics, so the focus is very much on their (finely tailored) clothing.

If you’ve a soft spot for three-piece suits, double breasted jackets and tweed waistcoats, you’ll find endless inspiration from their feed; the brothers have more suits than Savile Road – and more ties, pocket squares and cufflinks than Mr Lapel.

If you’re in love with watches, meanwhile, you’ll love the patriotic brothers’ feed – their wrists are never without an Emile Chouriet, Longines or Panerai Swiss watch (we’re obsessed by their epic Greubel Forsey timepiece, pictured above).

In fact, the only thing more Swiss than their wrists are the dreamy Alpine backdrops of their shoots.


Kim Andersson


If Henley Regatta and Made in Chelsea had a lovechild, it would look something like this Swedish blogger.

Rarely snapped in anything other than a perfectly tailored suit or bicep-squeezing summer shirt, Kim Andersson’s wardrobe has “top drawer” written all over it.

In terms of brands, the usual suspects Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban – are all very much in attendance.

But, follow Kim and you’ll also be rewarded with less well-known (and more affordable) finds, like the Oscars of Sweden fitted shirt pictured above, as well as custom-made suits by online tailors such as Black Lapel (which has suits from £400) and Suitopia (which has tailor-made suits from £170); Kim's emerald green ensemble from the latter is a must-see!


Tom Zanetti


This platinum-selling DJ and nightclub owner may not technically be an influencer.

But everything about Tom oozes impeccable taste, from his model girlfriend and showroom of sports cars, to his perfectly coiffured hair (our owner and Tom go to the same Leeds barber).

It’s Tom’s suits, however, that put him on our virtual mood board; the DJ has an endless supply of ice-cool double-breasted jackets and handmade tailored suits – finished off, invariably, with an open shirt, Nile-wide lapels, and a simple pocket square or silk scarf.

Tom’s feed isn’t all three-piece suits, Dior trenches and blindingly white shirts (and teeth), though.

We actually really like his paired-down, pool-side look, too. Expect clubbable polo shirts, striped linen trousers, and the sort of casual tasselled shoes that have ‘season in Ibiza’ written all over them.


Rowan Row 


This former exotic dancer might have made a living from taking off his clothes, but he's also pretty damn good at putting them back on again - as a quick glance through Rowan Row's Instagram feed is more than testament to.

Whether he's rocking chinos with plimsolls, a turtle neck and a smart tailored jacket, or pairing Diesel jeans with a suede jacket and lots of bracelets, Rowan’s mastered that smart-casual vibe that looks just as great at a bar as it does around the office.

Best of all, his outfits are surprisingly affordable, with most of his clothes and accessories coming from menswear favourites like Zara, H&M, Asos or Moss Bros. "I'm not really into expensive brands like Dolce & Gabbana or Gucci," says the men's fashion blogger. "You can buy a [high street] T-shirt for £20 and the styling is as good as a £150 designer top."


Sergio Ines - What My Boyfriend Wore


The average man doesn’t change his underwear as often as this Cape Town-based blogger changes his suits; there are hundreds of different trousers and jacket combos on his Instagram feed, @whatmyboyfriendwore.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for formal wear inspiration, think of him as your virtual catalogue.

We particularly love how he pairs his outfits with contrasting lapel pins, pocket squares and ties, creating really fresh, casual-looking ensembles that would work just as great on a night out as they would for a meeting. A must check out!


Matt Hartman


You know someone's got swag when they shop at Mr Lapel - which, incidentally, is how we came across Matt's feed.

A sucker for a #flatlay pic, this former IT professional's Instagram feed is a smorgasbord of deconstructed outfits, perfectly colour coordinated, right down to the socks, watch and belt.

A great source of inspiration, whether you're looking for a autumn casual outfit, a smart holiday look or a clean new wardrobe to wear around the office, his feed and accompanying blog mixes well-known brands, like Gap, Ben Sherman and J Crew, with obscure online retailers, such as bag-retailer Buffalo Jackson Trading Co, Thursday Boots - whose chukkas are an absolute style must - and the makers of the jacket pictured above, Members Only.

Prefer a more tailored look? Matt's website is an online directory of the best tie, pocket square and lapel pin brands out there - and, best of all, he often has secret discount codes for the sites he features, which he kindly lists in each of his posts.


Jerome Carlier


Originally from Belgium, but now based in Spain, Jerome has that smart-casual holiday vibe down to a fine art. 

A sucker for a linen shirt, tailored chinos, and simple taupe loafers, this young fitness model will have you swapping those childish T-shirts and trainers for a head-turning model-esque ensemble on your next holiday.

Slightly annoyingly, Jerome rarely tags non-sponsored brands in his posts, so you might struggle to track down where he bought that teal printed shirt or long-sleeve polo you liked. But with brands like Labfresh, Olymp and Zara frequently getting a mention, they might not be a bad place to start. 


Joey London


If you’re in the market for a bowling shirt, funky Hawaiian print, or stylish wool polo shirt, then the never-ending summer that is Joey London’s Instagram feed is a must-visit.

Surprisingly, given the luxe locations of the shoots, most the brands this London-based blogger promotes are reassuringly affordable – with Burtons and River Island making up the lion’s share.

A few mid-range menswear brands like Reiss and All Saints also make cameos – as do the occasional autumnal outfits. (Expect lots of shearling jackets, the occasional polo neck/turtle neck, and some stylish tailored suits - finished off with a Mr Lapel-worthy knitted tie.)

Of course, not all Joey’s (fashion-forward) posts will be to your liking; we weren't massive fans of how he paired a fitted blazer with swim shorts and a bare torso in one of his pics.

But if you've got it, as they say...


Alex Cannon 


A former model and Big Brother contestant, Alex Cannon is your go-to for streetwear.

Usually pimping a pair of figure-hugging trackie bottoms with trainers from his own footwear brand, Loyalti, by day Alex’s look is very much gym meets street, layering longline T-shirts by athleisure brands such as Gianni Kavanagh, with tight-fitting Gym King hoodies, retro ’90s boiler suits, and a couple of necklaces from the men’s accessories business he co-owns, Craftd London.

Come night, though, the casual wear is off, and it's on with the chinos, wingtip brogues and revere collar jackets.

If you’re on the leaner-side, don’t be put off by Alex’s shirt-popping appearance.

This two-time Men’s Health cover model may look Hulk-like, but his measurements are surprisingly ‘trim’ (think 6ft1, 11.5st - with a 31-inch waist, at the last count), so chances are his outfit will probably look pretty good on you.

We can’t guarantee you’ll look as good as him out of them, sadly.


Quyen Mike


A must for photography buffs and fashionistas alike, Quyen Mike’s highly stylised (and often gravity-defying) shots looks like they could be lifted straight from the pages of GQ.

Definitely more haute couture than H&M, this London-based fashion blogger really has his finger on the pulse, promoting luxury menswear brands other bloggers won’t be familiar with such as Ami Paris, Mugler cologne, and Chopard Swiss watches.

Don’t have four or five figures to blow on a designer timepiece? Don’t write Mike off just yet; Doc Martens, Acne Studios jackets and even the odd fast-fashion staple regularly crop up in his posts – the only difference being that he might throw them together with a pair of Paul Smith shoes, a Mulberry ‘man-bag’,  and a luxury designer suit.

Some picking and mixing definitely required. 


Mr. Passy


We only started following Passy for the dreamy Cape Town backdrops in his shoots - but ended up sticking around for the fashion even after he moved back home, from South Africa.

Usually modelling a tailored shirt, suave blazer and jeans or chinos, Passy's feed is a must if you want to dress well, without looking like a posh-boy peacock.

Sadly he rarely mentions which brands he's wearing in his pics, but every so often he does toss in a recommendation or two, like an online shoe maker, Chene du Paris, where you can custom-design your own buckled shoes (like he did).

Looking for something a little less OTT? We actually really like his more-casual shoots, and the way he might up his blue-jean-and-white-tee game by adding a classy lilac denim jacket, for instance.

It may not be revolutionary, but why chuck out your entire wardrobe when you can turn kiddie in to classy - with change from a fifty.

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