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VIDEO: How do you fold a pocket square?

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Easy way to fold a handkerchief

There's no right or wrong way to fold a pocket square or handkerchief.

You can ruffle it up and slip it in to your breast pocket, fold it in to a simple square or triangle like the video below. 

Or you can try one of the dozens of elaborate folds (as instructed beneath the video) to create that real stand-out look for a wedding or black-tie event.



As mentioned, if you want something a bit more elaborate than the above hack, another great, easy way to fold a handkerchief is by trying the so-called "winged peak"  technique, shown in the video below.

To create a winged peak pocket square:

*Take your pocket square and fold it in half to make a triangle shape.

*Next, bring both the left and right corners of the triangle to the centre to create a square shape.

*Now, bring the left and right corners in to the centre of the pocket square to create a hexagon.

*Finally, turn the pocket square over and fold it in half.

 Here's the video, showing you how it's done:

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Step by step guide to folding a pocket square - Mr Lapel

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